Every group has that one rider. Which one are you?


Going on a group ride with fellow bikers is always fun, exciting and awesome. Given that a bunch of riders gets together to hit the road, each individual rider in every group has different characteristics and qualities. We have identified 24 such characteristic traits that you will find in every group. Are you one of these or can you identify your friends in these? Then tag them and start sharing your experiences. It’s time to roll, let the fun begin!



1) Selfiesh : We definitely would have this rider in every group, who will annoy you with the infinite selfies, not only when you are riding but also when you are posing for a group picture. At every pitstop, you would find them missing for the first 5 minutes, during which, they would be clicking selfies. Have you clicked any selfies in your recent ride? Then comment and show it off.



2) Road Romeo: Love is in the air is what you have heard so far but for these riders, the love is on the road. He cannot leave his GF or So or Bae, whatever you wanna call it, alone for a minute so the best solution is to bring her to the ride as well. Or is it because the GF won’t let him go for rides leaving her at home? Comment on this, we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences 🙂



3) Hungry belly : Will eat the most at every pit stop and yet would feel hungry in no time. They will always carry snacks in their backpack and their mission would be to finish them before completing the ride. You would find them researching on the best delicacies of the destination and make sure they would not miss any of them. What’s are your favorite munchies that you like to carry on your rides?



4) Kickstarter : The Kickstarter is the captain of the group. They trigger the idea for the rides, decide the destination and chalk out a plan to get the group together. They also make sure that everyone rides with their gears on. Who is the Kickstarter of your group?



5) Lord of the wheels : Will always take the lead to guide the group till the end of the ride. They would keep the riders motivated and it is this rider’s responsibility to make sure the group sticks together throughout the ride.


6) Quick shifter : Will say at the start of the ride that they won’t race but will rev high the entire ride. This rider will tell everyone that they will ride safe but the next moment you will see them knee scraping.
7) The Economist : Will never rev high and would want to always ride in economy mode. At each pit stop, they would go to each rider and boast about their fuel efficiency. This rider is not interested in speed nor are they in a hurry to reach the destination but prefer enjoying the ride maintaining the economic speed.
8) Caretaker : Will always like to trail the group not because they are scared to rev, but this rider would want to make sure that the rest of the riders are safe and none are left out. The presence of such riders boosts your confidence. Who is the caretaker amongst your group? Tag them and show them love.
9) Directionally challenged : This rider is prone to losing their way during a ride. The moment other riders are out of their sight this rider somehow manages to take the wrong route. A small obvious deviation would be easily missed by them and they wouldn’t remember the map even if it is fed into their brain a thousand times. It would occasionally happen that this rider would lead the group and very often the group would end up at a dead end or on a no man’s land. Their God given GPS part of the brain has never been used and they have no access to it because of which this rider would not have a sense of direction and would always feel safe in the company of other riders.
10) Freemind : Will be all over the place and would never have a fixed riding style. They would rev hard, they would trail or they would also be found in the opposite lane. When you take a pit stop they would collapse just anywhere to take a nap. We cannot predict their state of mind and it would jump from one state to another quite frequently.
11) Late bloomers : Will always be late to join the group and would delay the start. Late bloomers would make you feel cobwebbed. They will always make others wait even after getting repeated warnings and would be casually abused by everyone whom they have kept waiting.
12) Racer : Will not let anyone overtake and is always up for a race if anyone dares to overtake them. They would overtake bikes, cars, busses, trucks and will not even let their own group members over take them. You overtake them and they will chase you for your life.
13) Bluff Master : Will lie at home and make the rest of the group to lie to their parents as well. There are always these riders who wouldn’t want their parents to know about their long motorcycle rides and would come up with smart lies that no one could have ever thought of.
14) Borrower : Will borrow your gears for all the rides and would never buy one. It is always generous to lend your gear to your fellow riders as you would be saving a life. The borrower would sometimes also forget their wallet and would require loan throughout the trip, in motorcycling a fellow biker would always be ready to provide such help and support. It is also possible that the borrower would want to ride on your spare motorcycle which of course you wouldn’t deny.
15) Chatterbox : Will never stop talking once they start to talk. They would have the stories from all over the world. The mileage of their tongue would be more than that of their bike. Such riders will never let boredom kill you by their constant chit chats.
16) Dreamer : Will fall asleep while riding, a very dangerous state to be in. Doing long rides or starting a ride with inadequate sleep is something that every rider should avoid. You cannot afford to doze off while you are on the bike, this happens and leads to very dangerous accidents. There is always that one rider in the group who cannot cope up with the sleep cycles of fellow riders and for the love of riding would join the ride with less sleep. Fellow riders watch out for your such friends in the group.
17) The Boss : Will have contact in every corner of the world to make arrangements for the ride. The two most important things to consider when you are on a ride are food and stay, and this rider would not let you worry about it. He would get the best place to stay with amazing food and not to forget the exclusive offers through his influence.
18) The Unfortunate Guy : There is something wrong in the stars of this rider, how else can they manage to lose something on every god damn ride?! Even if they carry their lucky charm with them, it’s of no use, they are bound to lose something. Apart from the tension, what they also bring along is a long delay to the riders but we are friends, and as bikers, Brotherhood is something that everyone value, so every rider is out there for them, to help them out.
19) The banker : Will be the rider who would be collecting all the cash and doing all the math. Carrying all that cash while riding is a responsible task which this rider would do with ease.
20) Falcon : Will ride very swiftly with not much efforts making motorcycling look very easy. They will fly away overtaking everyone and always maintains a lead of 5+ minutes, enough to choose the best scenic spot for a group pic.
21) Badass : This rider would be so energetic that they would pull uncountable wheelies and stoppies till they are back home. At every pit stop, while others are refreshing and resting, this rider would utilize the time to entertain the group with their stunts, and when the group is ready to leave they would run for refreshments. The leader would hesitate to take pit stops just to avoid the delay this rider’s stunts would cause to the fellow riders.
22) Bike Zuckerberg : It is your ride tomorrow and you have not even slept yet and there comes a notification “Feeling excited about tomorrows ride – with Jayz and 10 others”. You wake up from a deep sleep and hear a notification “All suited up and set for the ride – with Sandy and 10 others”. You gather at the meeting point and hear a notification “Waiting for the late bloomer as always – with shady and 10 others”. This doesn’t stop here, you would go crazy hearing to the notifications every now and then, not only till the end of the ride but for the next one week till this rider has exhausted all the pics of the ride.
23) Dust Thrower : This rider would be nowhere close to you when you are leading on the tarmac and once you enter the offroading zone, this hard ass will zoom past you with a cloud of dust as though his bike got turbocharged.
24) GoPro Guru: There is this one guy who will have a GoPro stuck on his helmet, bike and god knows where all, he cannot afford to lose one moment of the trip to go uncaptured. This guy makes sure that every moment is captured and once the ride is over he will disappear to his creative lab where he will be stitching all the videos together and adding some dope music to it making everyone realize how cool the entire trip was. We all love his effort because the videos he produces makes you feel like a star. Oh, and once his video making is done he will reappear from his creative lab and message everyone “It’s up on YouTube ;)” Got any recent ride video up on YouTube? Share on comment we would love to watch it.

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