15 things to carry for your motorcycle ride

This summertime, it’s time we take a break from our normal life and hit the road with our bike and ride away into the brilliant daylight. In any case, as energizing as it sounds, riding amid the mid-year is truly not as quite a bit of a special first night as it is by all accounts. Actually, it is much less demanding to ride in the winters than in this season. Summers are truly burdened, both on you and in addition your Motorcycle. In any case, that crude feeling is precisely what isolates us from the pack of young men. For our fellow riders who are arranging long-separate rides in the overwhelming warmth and endless daylight, here is a rundown of the arrangements you ought to do before arranging a long ride in the summer.


Cash: Some spots don’t acknowledge credit/Debit Cards. It’s simply senseless not to keep some amount of money on you if you require gas in some remote territory that doesn’t take the card.


An Extra Ignition Key: Since you never know when you might lose the one that you are using now.


ID/DL/RC/PUC papers: It’s always recommended to carry all your Id because you never know when the cops stop you for a quick check. Make sure you have your government-issued photo ID. If you are insured, carry the insurance papers.


Second Pair of Gloves: There is nothing worse than drenching your pair of gloves while you have long and pleasurable ride ahead during summer. Your hands and neck are two of the biggest places where you can control your body temperature so it’s always recommended to have an extra pair of gloves.


Tool Kits: An unexpected motorcycle breakdown is something that you would not want to happen during your long ride. Motorcycling is all about riding for joy, which often includes remote and deserted roads. Carry a small toolbox throughout the ride, so that you are ready for the breakdown that happens during the ride.


Hydration pack– One gets dehydrated quick with all that sweat evaporating at speed. Keep your mind active by fueling your body with your favorite energy beverage and stay hydrated while riding.


First aid kit: It’s something which is compulsory to have, either it is riding alone, with friends or for a fallen stranger


Spare headlamp bulb: We always recommended you to carry a spare set of bulbs so that you can fix it by yourself or at least you could call up someone who could give you instruction to fix it.


USB charger with Lighter: Using the GPS can drain off your battery very soon and no rider would want to see a low battery on their phone when they are touring. Be prepared for long tours with a full mobile battery charge with the help of USB charger.

Almost 90% of the bikers find peace to smoke a cigarette after a ride, now you don’t have to run around looking for a lighter, the charger with lighter would serve the purpose.


GPS / Cell Phone Mounts: The destination is the foremost thing that we need to decide before we start, destinations are many but the question of how do we get there without any delay is answered with the right GPS mounts for your motorbike. Looking for directions cannot get easier than using GPS mounts on the go while riding your motorcycle.


Chain lube: Smooth riding is the thing that everybody looks for, keep that chain wet unsurpassed with the chain lube, ideally utilized after each 500kms.


Visor Cleaner: your visor can get really messy because of dust and bugs sticking on to the visor at high speeds which will affect visibility during the evening so it’s better to carry a visor cleaner.


Louder Horns: We all love riding on those steep curves, we would be idiots if we are not smart enough to honk at those blind curves. Make the honk louder and more noticeable to stay safe with a new pair of horns available with us.


WindShields: Touring can get tiring without the right ergonomics, Motorcycle ergonomics have always been a super tricky area to discuss, because we all have bodies that are shaped differently. Along with the ergonomics, the aerodynamics plays a vital role. To protect yourself from the wind and flying debris such as dust, insects, and rocks, and provide an aerodynamically formed window towards the front, WINDSHIELDS are very much required


Seat Gel: Focus on the road rather than getting distracted by the pain due to an uncomfortable seat. A peaceful ride is incomplete without a comfortable seat. Add some comfort to those hard seats before you hit those bumps.


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