15 Common Biking Trip Destinations. Which one is yours?


What goes naturally with every motorcycle and biker is “Road Trips”, you will not come across a single biker who will not talk about the different road trips that he has taken and where he is heading next. We have listed down some of the locations which every rider would choose for his short or long rides. Which one of these is your favorite destination spots?



1)Mountains: This one is a long ride and requires grit and determination with an absolute focus on the destination. There are two types, it could be a trial filled with huge rocks or a smooth road with plenty of hairpin bends. These riders like curves, be it trailing on the rocky terrain or speeding through those corners coming all their way till they reach the top of the mountain. Tag your friends who love curves 😉



2) Night Riders : It is indeed scary to ride in the nights, but these riders embrace the quiet and calmness of the night. They love to be on the roads when there is no one else out there, just swiftly riding at a steady, sometimes increasing speed enjoying the cool weather. They love the dark open roads lit by their bright headlamps with no worries about interceptors or highway patrols. The destination could be a beautifully lit airport, a coffee shop for a hot sip, a close by hill station to enjoy the freezing weather on a cliff, a campfire or any other private getaway only known to the riders. Do you belong here? Tag your friends with whom you conquer the night.



3) Underwater : Riding under the hot sun can drain you out, with the itchy sweat that irritates, riders find it a good option to have a dip in the beach, a river or a lake to get refreshed. These riders search only for water bodies as their destinations to ride to. They would have visited hundreds or waterfalls, beaches and other freshwater bodies. Chilling besides a lake with some fish in the basket ready to be cooked is a pleasant experience one would want to cherish.



4) Weekend bites : Waking up early on a weekend is next to impossible but when it is for a ride with your riding buddies then you would not mind waking up earlier than anyone else in your neighborhood. For an early weekend ride, the destinations are usually cafes or restaurants where the motorcycling brotherhood get together to share some coffee over sharing some biking stories. It can also be some few 100 miles away to have some tasty lunch that these riders would never leave an option out. Where do you ride on a weekend to grab a bite?



5) Off Road : They are known as the tall riders, they have tall bikes with high ground clearance and they are always standing on the footpegs looking for the best path they could cut through. Exploring new destinations off the road is what is of utmost interest to these. Deviating into a forest to find a new route or riding into the barren fields to unknowingly reach a new state, is what keeps them riding.



6) Motocross : These riders need some extra energy saved before they reach their destination which is a motocross track. Flying high talking to the sky and navigating through the twists, turns and jumps is an out of the world experience. Do you have any motocross friends?



7) Track : Riding to the track to enjoy some racing is a complete package. You get to tour with your pack and at the track, you get to unleash your riding DNA to see how good of a racer you can be after all. It could be racing at an event for a championship or an organised racing school to learn some racing skills.



8) Ancient Wheels : Some of the coolest places to visit are the historical places and some of the riders just do that. They chase down every historical place on their rides. Connecting back with the past and history is a way to interpret the present and enjoy the future, these riders very well know how these artworks. Share with us your thoughts and clicks that you took during such rides.



9) Highways : These are usually the speed freaks, all geared up they hit highways to feel that adrenaline of speed. Most of them will also get their speed record captured in a video. Do you have such kick ass videos to share? Comment below your YouTube links.



10) Good Samaritans : There are many rider groups who would dedicate a good amount of time to do something around social welfare like visiting orphanage care house, old age homes etc. We at MotoGarage bow in respect to such riders. There are many out there looking to do this and are looking for inspirations, please share below such rides so that riders get educated on how to organise such trips and the recommended places to make such visits.



11) Rally : A motorcycle rally is a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts. Rallies can be large or small, and one-time or recurring which depends on the purpose behind it. Some rallies are ride-in events, whereas some like the Iron Butt Rally involve days of riding and an actual gathering only at the end of the ride. Riding to rallies are a common destination, riding in between thousands of like minded riders who have gathered for a common purpose give a proud feeling to be a motorcyclist.



12) Ride to hometown : What more joy than visiting your hometown after a very long time on two wheels? Many riders wait for their vacation off days just so that they can take their motorcycles on a ride to their hometown. Have you done this ride to your home recently? We are sure you would have clicked tons of pictures with all those crazy ass poses…



13) The big day ride: Friend always looks for a reason to ride together. They are just waiting for a special occasion like a birthday, an anniversary celebration, a breakup party, a bachelor party or a wedding, now that’s a good reason enough for these biker friends to gear up and hit the roads. As soon as these folks get the invitation for the occasion from their friend the next thing to do is call up all friends and organize for a bike ride to the location. When was the last time you did this trip?



14) I am home alone 😉 This meme has been going around for a while and no it’s not a fiction. It’s a troll for a reason because many of us are guilty of doing this. When your Bae or So or whatever you call it texts you saying “I am home alone ;)” the next thing you do is fire up the engine and twist the throttle all the way to your Bae’s place. Excitement is good just ride safe 🙂



15) No destination : These are the wanderers, the philosophers.. It’s not about the destination or location, all they care is the ride, the journey and wandering about any place without a proper plan or a map. But don’t be mistaken they might be just circling around a park as well.

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