12 Different types of riders. Which one are you?


Motorcyclist have a zest for life, they have their own preferences over what they ride, what they wear and how they ride, which makes it a very diverse crowd. Only a motorcyclist would understand the pleasure of riding a motorcycle and he finds peace only on that specific motorcycle which would match his frequency. Every motorcyclist will have a personality of his own and the motorcycle he rides defines that personality.



1) The Hardcore Retro Rider : The only vintage will do for this rider which defines the royal tag for them. They would restrict themselves to their own motorcycling family and ride together peacefully at their own pace. No modern motorcycle exists for these riders and they even get into arguments very easily if anyone compares their vintage with the modern motorcycle. However, we cannot deny the fact that we all love the way vintage motorcycles look.



2) The Die-Hard Harley Fans : Regardless, Harley riders remains adamant that their motorcycle is different than any other motorcycle on road. These riders would enjoy their own nirvana on their comfortable cruisers which are usually close to the ground when compared to any other adventure or sports touring motorcycle. A combination of the heavy weight of the bike along with the V-twin motor gives you a machine that can make touring a real blue-eyed pleasure.


3) The Poser : Even if you don’t ride, you know this rider. This is the guy who buys all his shiny new gear and spends all his time stopping at gas stations and bars so he can pose with his bike. They would not know anything about bikes and would stay away from motorcycle conversations. The funny/sad thing happens when you check the miles on his bike and see that they’re super low because he never actually rides it for any decent length of time.


4) The Adventure Tourer : This rider would never want to ride within the city, he would rather call it in-genuine riding. According to this rider, genuine riding is riding to international points of interest exclusively by means of a motorcycle. He believes a motorcycle can go to anyplace when ridden by a talented rider. Most of these would prefer riding solo to accomplish their set targets as per their itinerary rather than waiting for the rest. Unless you’re a fellow adventure tourer, it’s very far-fetched you’ll ever see this rider in the wild.


5) The Do It Yourself Guys : This type of rider would love his bike more than himself. He would not have seen the face of a mechanic and would believe that there cannot be a better mechanic than himself. Changing your Engine oil is one thing, yet this is the kind of rider who not just revamps their own particular forks, these riders remake their own engine (when needed), as well. There is no another rider that would overlap with this rider. A few riders consider their cash, card, and mobile phone to be their emergency roadside repair pack, but this kind of rider carries the coolest scaled down toolkit you’ve ever seen, packed into the littlest space you could find on the motorcycle. Riders are always nervous to ride on abandoned highways with the fear of breakdowns, while this rider is prepared for just about anything, be it a clutch/accelerator cable failure, tire blowouts, annoying rattling noise, a gas tank leak, on-the-fly chain strain adjustment and so on.


6) The Hardcore Commuter : From head to toe, this rider has each and every bit of riding gears, you name it and he would have it. He trusts himself and carries every bit of baggage possible, and can most likely shift his home by means of his bike. Sports tourers are the first choice of such type of riders. Riding in extreme conditions and temperatures is a child’s play for them. Snowfall, hail storm, sideways rain or scorching heat, he may pull over if he can’t see or he will keep riding with the same rhythm as if everything is just normal.


7) The Squids (Freaks) : Each one of you may have seen the squids in the wild, being passed by one, at triple digit speeds on the highway. The squid is a dangerous species, but not to fear; it is generally most dangerous to itself and it would be wise, we let them be on their own. The squid is probably riding it much too quick on open streets, illicitly on a footpath, pulling wheelies and stoppies and doing whatever the hellfire he needs amidst peak traffic hours. He can cut through any packed traffic effortlessly, as though he was riding on an open track. All with no apparatus on, wearing baggy shorts and sneakers despite the fact that he presumably is wearing some shades. We adore cool tricks, but we hate it when these guys give bikers in general, a bad name.


8) The Newbie : We all would have been through this type of stereotype, “THE NEWBIE”. On that first motorcycle ride, this rider is excited about learning to ride and even about buying his/her own Motorcycle. These riders are extra cautious and terrified but they would not let it our if you ride then you’ve been there and you understand. Riding a motorcycle is a skill and you learn something new every time you take your motorcycle out for a spin. Teaching and advising the newbies about the dos’ and don’ts, is what makes the biking brotherhood stronger. It makes you feel happy to watch these riders get better,especially if you’ve been encouraging them along the way.


9) The Slow Rider : As the name suggests, these are the type of riders who would want to ride at their defined speed, no matter which bike they own. They have a threshold limit set in their mind which would stop them from revving hard. When they are on a ride with other groups they sure are to make others wait for hours, making the whole trip safe and sane. They ride at such speeds that would not require the fifth and the sixth on their gear box. It indeed is safe for them to ride like a snail but even the bike might get bored at one point of time if not pumped in with some adrenaline. We admire this state of mind of these riders


10) The Ultimate Caretaker : Sure that one of this type exists in every group, who cleans their bike in every possible way. Every nut and bolt would be shining and the shine on the bike is so bright that it could make you blind in the day like how a high beam would cause in the night. For the rest, cleaning a motorcycle would require hardly 1–2 hrs, but this caretaker would spend an entire day to pamper the bike with all possible shampoos, polish, cleansers, brushes and what not. Even a bike bought from the showroom might stand old in front of their bike. They would expect their bike to be clean even after doing some off-roading on wet tracks and would wash/clean their bike at every pit-stop they take during a road trip. A little slush on the road would turn them off and they would be ready to take a u-turn back home.


11) The Followers : Everybody loves them, the people on the street, the police and all the vehicles around them. They make sure they follow each and every road law making the ride safe not only to them but the people around them. They consider jumping the red signal as a sin, it brings a sense of shame if their indicators are not on while changing lanes. Even when there is not a single soul on the road they will put the indicator on at the turn just in case if there are ghosts crossing the road. No matter how short or long the trip is they will have all the necessary accessories on. We at MotoGarage bow our heads in respect to these riders.


12) The Quitter  : You would have definitely seen this if you were planning to pick up a used motorcycle and when you start searching for it on Google, you come across second sales with an attractive caption? — “Got my dream bike, and I love it, but my wife doesn’t want me happy and hence its up for sale. Can’t put a car seat on a motorcycle, low miles and higher maintenance are the turn down for a married man”. You don’t know if any of this is true and you surely wouldn’t care if you are pulling a good deal out of it. If it’s the bike you want, you’re going to get a crazy deal on it because for the handful of miles that the seller put on it. You might suspect that he just doesn’t want to admit that he doesn’t actually want to be a biker, and that his wife is entirely imaginary. But again, you don’t care. You’re getting a hell of a deal.

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